Senior .NET Developer

Job description and key responsibilities

The Senior Backend Developer is responsible of 4 main activities: 

1. Development of new requirements

Goal: Develop complex features

Main activities:

·       Technical design of new complex requirements according to business needs

·       Development of new complex feature

·       Ensure that the feature is develop with state-of-the-art process

Deliverables: Technical design, Tests certificates, New feature in live environment

Skills: .Net, SQL, SSIS

2. Technical support

Goal: Coordinate with support team to provide them expertise

Main activities:

·       Meet and assists support team in solving difficult bug fixing.

Deliverables: Regular meeting with support and assistance on critical defects 

Skills: Communication, understanding of business needs, fluent English

3. Quality Management

Goal: Ensure Code quality of the application

Main activities:

·       Ensure fewest bugs open

·       Fix and improve current process

Deliverables: Bug reports, bug fixes

Skills: .Net, SQL, SSIS, Analysis and description of existing process

4. Local team management

Goal: Manage support & development team at local level and report to global team

Main activities:

·       Manage priorities and tasks for local resources under his or her responsibility

·       Fix and improve current process

Deliverables: Resources planning and report

Skills: Team management and reporting

 Reporting line

This position reports to the Middle Office Project Manager.

 Required skills & profile

 You will have to demonstrate:

·       5+ years experience in .Net, SQL, SSIS

·       2+ years experience in Agile methodology (Scrum)

·       Software craftsmanship skills

·       2+ experience with Azure DevOps

·       English fluent

·       Good communication skills, listening & understanding, flexibility & teamwork

·       Ability to analyze and assess exiting code to maintain applications